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School Bus & Children

For Students

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique set of challenges to children and young people. To help students navigate these confusing times, we're offering creative outlets, and helping them stay connected to their communities.
About the Program
Chemistry Students
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About the Program

Happy & Healthy

In an academically-centered world, we increasingly have less time to explore the virtues that come with being multifaceted. Now, with the ability to get closer to the golden standard of well-roundedness, we have an incredible opportunity to thrive both in terms of our happiness and our sense of community.


We work to provide the students of our community across all age groups a platform to engage in all these incredible goals – the most important of which is their happiness.

Studying on the Grass

How it Works

Helping Kids Smile

We are here to work with your schools and send all students each a little something we call a "care package." These care packages contain various items that students will be able to use to engage in exciting creative projects.


We have weekly projects to give them something fun to look forward to every single week. All the projects have video tutorials posted on our website made by our incredible team geared to be easy for students to follow along.


We have students send us their projects if they would like so they can share their work with their friends and even with peers across the country. There is beauty in students together sharing their experiences with each other, especially when they can not physically be in the same room.


Please reach out to us if this is something you would like to do or have your kids do and we will do all the organizing.

Professor & Students

Work With Us

Spark Joy

Want to sign up to receive care packages? Or support our work as a volunteer ora sponsor? Connect with the task Force administrative staff, and share some info about how you'd like to be involved.

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